TaoBao online shopping sales No.1

The perfect combination of product and video, instantly become the focus of the media.

Rise of the e-sports industry

In 2012, I worked as a brand creative director of a Chinese e-sports brand company. At that time, e-sports was a very hot topic in China. Many manufacturers are rushing to launch products with different functions and very special appearance. In the company I worked for, they launched three brands, and the three brands all point to users in different markets, namely, life trend users, first-time e-sportsmen and high-level e-sportsmen. In the same year, many domestic manufacturers launched their own brands in the same year, so the online shopping competition in China is quite fierce.

In this mature and huge domestic online shopping market to break through, in addition to a large number of publicity costs, I am also thinking about how the company’s products can make a deep impression on consumers in a large number of products?! So I collected the propaganda materials of the competitors, and also studied the preferences of domestic consumers. I found that the domestic people liked what they called “beautiful maps”. The meaning of Mito is like a leaflet, the design is beautiful and the whole product is made of appearance. , size, function, etc. are described in detail. But if we only do better pictures than our competitors, it is difficult for us to highlight our brand.

The perfect combination of product and video, instantly become the focus of the media

In this environment, I would like to promote the image of the product. The e-sports industry involves a lot of exciting animations. The quality of 3D images and images is also a very important issue for e-sports. So I made a series of e-sports CG animation videos to the company. This direction can most effectively attract e-sports. At the same time, no other competitors used this technology to promote the product, and the CG animation journey began.

In the end, we completed a total of about 14 animation works, and we are really trying to use 3D animation to match the products to the most popular online shopping market in China. The result was unexpected, and a large number of media rushed to report on our products, which led to wide-ranging reports. Our promotional efforts have been successful, product sales have continued to rise, and even some products have become long-term best-selling products in the online shopping market. The style of the video has successfully attracted our target customers and also matched the image of e-sports products. In this online shopping platform with more than 100 million transactions per day, we have won a lot of competitors.

Breaking the limit

CG animation film production is very difficult, the video has about 25 pictures per second, a CG picture generally needs multiple departments to complete, such as modeling, bone design, dynamics, materials, lighting, rendering, compositing, editing, etc. department. Therefore, the difficulty of production is very high. Unfortunately, the company did not intend to add a CG animation department to me at the time, but this program is the best method for everyone. We will try to consider that method to meet this requirement.

Our goal is very clear, to absolutely capture consumers, the brand has to reach the international level, we still decided to make a series of CG animation videos. The brand company wants me to use the past film and advertising production experience to try to complete this task, but how can I complete without a team? I was ashamed at this moment. I have not tried to complete the entire CG animation process, but I still have a chance to try it. Making the first cartoon company also understands the difficulty, after all, it is also a challenge. The company gave me a 60-day deadline, gave me a 3D model of the product, and provided me with a top-level computer. I picked up my notebook and set a timetable for the theme style, story concept, lens usage, and the production time of each part. I strictly followed my plan step by step.

Every day is also a challenge. I also complete a lot of tasks every hour. The result is about 50 days. My first cartoon “E-Blue x Marvel Ironman 3 Gaming Mouse Special Edition” is finished. The finished product is very good. I also mastered the production. Control of technology and time, then one after another cartoon was released.